How To Be a Confident Human Being

In this interview, I talk about something really important to all of us… confidence. This isn’t about putting on a brave face and pretending everything is okay, even when it’s not. Being a confident human being is about having the courage to be your true, authentic self.

Tune in as I discuss:

  • Why naming your feelings – aka your mice – is your pathway to connection, confidence and leadership.
  • How to start sharing your desires and tolerations.
  • Why doing a ‘performance’ stops you from being the real you.

Unnamed mice eat our confidence.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] Dean Holland: Correct me if I’m wrong is that this, this too is really work on people’s confidence to bring that courage up into the forefront, to give people the confidence and courage to actually do these things and be their true, authentic self.

[00:00:12] David Wood: You nailed it. Dean. The one of the subtitles is your pathway to connection, confidence and leadership.

Unnamed mice eat confidence. That’s what they do. If I’ve got something scurrying around here that I’m upset with someone, and I’m not saying it it’s hidden, there’s a, there’s a distance. Um, if I’ve got desires that I’m not sharing, uh, that feels all I’m out of integrity. Basically. It’s something I want, but I’m not saying it.

If there’s something I’m tolerating, but I’m not saying it that’s off as well. How can I be a confident human being? With all of that going on. But as we start to share, we start to share our desires. We start to share our tolerations and we realize that we’re not getting hit. We’re not getting yelled at. That these things are starting

They might even be accepted. Sometimes that thing I thought I was scared, wouldn’t be received as being welcomed by someone else like, oh, I’m so glad you said that I was feeling the same thing. That starts to happen. The real me can be seen. And that’s the only way that I know of to develop confidence. The real you has to come out.

Otherwise you’ll never be confident because you’re only doing a performance and, uh, someone might love performance, but something in you always know, they’re not seeing the real me.

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