How Entrepreneurs Can Use a Social Mission and Change the World with Brian Roland

In this Extraordinary Focus podcast, I interview Brian Roland, Social Entrepreneur & 6x Inc. 5000 Company Founder on social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship is the private sector’s answer to philanthropy. Your work and business have an impact on something more significant than just making money. You can affect a fundamental change in the world!

When you pursue your passion, when you take care of other people first, the money follows.
– Brian Roland

Tune in as we cover:

  • Why social entrepreneurship makes good business sense.
  • What it takes to create a social mission and change the world.
  • How to make over a $1M impact for your cause.
  • The 6 competitive benefits that give you an edge over your competition.
  • How to use cause marketing as a MOTIVATOR of greater success.
  • Doing meaningful work and cultural alignment for the entire team.
  • The value of transparency.


Brian Roland is a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Abenity, which powers corporate perks for top brands including U.S. Bank and Mastercard.

And while Abenity provides millions of subscribers with private discounts, the company’s social mission is fighting extreme poverty with every program they deliver, recently exceeding a million dollars of total giving and hired a CEO to accelerate growth with their fully remote team.

Brian helps like-minded entrepreneurs establish a social mission of their own.

Instead of setting sales goals based on clients, set sponsorship goals.
– Brian Roland

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