How Do You Find Focus?

Even the most talented and successful people struggle to find focus. The way you deal with this issue determines what kind of reality — or “focus” in business terms – you experience every day.

In this interview with Gary, I discuss:

  • How to get better results in business and life.
  • Why focus is your reality, and your reality is choice.
  • Are you in the driver’s seat?
  • Why being ‘author’ of your own actions is key to success.

Focus is your reality, and reality is a choice.
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] Gary Sanchez: How do you define focus and then how do you help somebody get focused?

[00:00:06] David Wood: I love that. No, one’s asked me that before. I recently did a medicine journey, which usually is, is code for, I did something illegal, but, but this was actually legal in the, in the state of Colorado and supervised by a therapist and they give you this medicine.

And one of the things that came to me on that, and this was just recent, was. Infinite things probably literally in the universe that we could put our attention on infinite things. It let’s. And then let’s just take my iPhone. I can focus on the whole phone or a piece of it or an app I could focus on, on it from a mile away or from all sorts of different angles.

Or I could just look at like a little piece of it. So I, I got that. There are infinite things in the universe. And then there are infinite ways to relate to each one of those things. And so infinity times infinity is infinity, but what gives us our world is what we choose to focus on. It’s the lens that we’re looking through right now.

My world is Gary Sanchez and beyond your why podcast. And, and the listeners and this screen right now, that’s my world after this. If I focus on the repairs in the house and I’m viewing that as a problem, that gives me my world. If I focus instead on. Gratitude that I don’t have to pay for those repairs.

And I don’t even have to manage those people. And just trust that the agent with my prompting will manage that. Now I have a different experience. I have an experience of gratitude and surplus. If I focus on, on something else, a pain in my foot or something else, that’s my world. So the lens that we’re looking through quite literally.

Creates our entire universe. And that’s a very important thing to know because now, but because we often we often don’t choose our focus. It’s chosen for us. We’re not in the driver’s seat. We just react. We wake up, we react. Oh, email, boom. Oh, now I’m lost. Whatever, if you want to be the author of your own actions.

And then it pays to put on your CEO hat and make some choices over 12 months. This is what I choose to focus on. This is what I agreed to put in a drawer over three months, over seven days. This is what I choose to focus on. This is what I agree to put in a drawer over this. And over the next two hours and over the next 25 minutes, this is what I choose to focus on.

This is what I agree to put in a drawer. If we keep doing that, we can actually be the author of our actions. Life tends to get better. We get better results in business, in life. And at the end of the day, you can feel really good about yourself. Because you were in the driver’s seat, you were the author of your own actions.

And there’s a, it’s just a great feeling to have that.

So if you’re wanting to get focused, What is the sequence of, so I’m listening to this and it said, oh man, that sounds great, David. I love what you’re saying, but okay. Now what is the sequence that I go through to focus my life? Cause you said focus is your reality and your reality is a choice.

So what do I do to make myself

focus? Yeah. So let’s start with a 12 month timeframe and you can pick any timeframe you want, but one year is a nice timeframe, right? Ask yourself, what would I love to be celebrating 12 months from now? What would have me do the happy dance that I would actually be calling my friends saying, check this out.

I’m so pleased that this happened. And I often invite my clients to pick three business related goals and three personal goals. This act in and of itself. Even if you only spent 20 minutes doing this is such a wonderful. It’s something we can do that the animals can’t do. It’s something that, to my knowledge, monkeys, a fish and birds cannot do this.

They cannot say, what do I want the future to look like? And how am I going to create it? Now you might come up with 20 other goals as well that you would like to have those go into. Those are your bonus goals. You want them, they want to get in the door. They want to get out of the drawer, but you can’t do everything.

You’re going to get scattered and you’re not going to do it well. So this is where some discipline comes in and you might want to work with a coach to get clear on that. Talk to your partner, talk to friends, whatever, however you do it. Get clear on that. That’s the first step.

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