E018 High Performers with Health Challenges

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Torah Bontrager, raised traditional Amish, grew up in the US with no electricity and cars and speaks English as a second language. She literally escaped in the middle of the night at age 15, with only what she could carry: the clothes on her back and $170 in her pocket. Today, she’s an advocate for Amish children, working to overturn the landmark 1972 Supreme Court case. Hear her incredible story here.

In this episode we talk about how many high performers are struggling with serious health issues and symptoms, yet are able to produce amazing results despite their health challenges.

“Even simple things are sometimes very hard.”

David Wood

Listen in for:

  • the effects of trauma on high performers (using Torah and I as examples)
  • The extreme symptoms Torah has to cope with: 20 hours a day in bed, eventual PTSD diagnosis, feeling suicidal, putting a gun to her head at age 11, being raped as a child.
  • David shares his trauma from early childhood
  • The results of her Ketamine exploration
  • Psychedelics and plant medicine
  • The daily struggle and frustration at not being able to work/produce more
  • Feeling that there IS love in the universe
  • The enormous mission Torah has taken on, despite her physical challenges
  • David reveals his own challenges, and the modalities he’s tried so far
  • The difficulty in dealing with an invisible disability
  • The facebook group David and Torah have started to support high performers with health challenges

“What do we need to stop beating ourselves up?”

Torah Bontrager

If you’re interested in the facebook group Torah and I speak about in this episode, check it out High Performers Struggling with Health Issues

If this impacted you, please leave a comment below and let me know HOW it’s impacted you.

You can find out more about Torah’s initiative at AmishHeritage.org.

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