Shame Audit

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This clip is edgy for me. I share more about myself than I think I have in over 123 podcast interviews! Samantha Skelly asks me to share ‘something edgy’ and after the first few minutes, I was on a roll. Listen in to hear:

  • What’s edgy and vulnerable for me to share about myself
  • The really awkward and embarrassing moment I had recently with a neighbor
  • The shadow side I feel about my vulnerability
  • What most of us have in common
  • The amazing thing that happened to Samantha as I shared
  • What makes me wonder if something’s wrong with me
  • What we can do with the things we think are ‘wrong’ in our lives
  • My experience with microdosing
  • What I may be addicted to
  • Seeing both the shame side and the upside
  • What I’m training myself in – I reveal my inner nerd!

What do you think? Could you share something super edgy about yourself with a stranger? Share in the comments below!

You can find out more about Samantha Skelly and the Hungry for Happiness podcast here.

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