Have You Been Slapped Awake?

Business owners are often so focused on the day-to-day tasks of running their businesses that they neglect to dream about how it could be great.

I discuss:

  • Why the mind is tricky and can hide our dreams
  • How can I move FASTER?
  • The game high-performers play
  • What more can I create that I’m not seeing yet?

Where are your business blind spots?
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: I feel some sadness hearing you speak about how, how so many of us it complacent and in our patterns and doing the same thing each day and not dreaming. I do feel sad about that. I, and, and I feel grateful that I did the landmark forum back in 1996. I think it needs, I think we need some slack. I think we need to be slept away.

[00:00:26] David Wood: Now, sometimes it’ll happen through a tragedy. We lose someone, we lose a lot of money. We’ll lose that job. Often. Loss is a catalyst for us. I was fortunate that I just, I was unhappy. I guess I was, it’s weird to say I was fortunate that I was unhappy in my marriage and I was complaining about it. And someone said, why don’t you go and do this course and that slap.

[00:00:50] David Wood: Awake and got me into what’s possible. Now the animal animals, all animals are creatures of habit. And again, I think it’s evolutionary. That’s fine by humans have this ability to say what if we have the ability to imagine, but the mind is very true. And I think it will hide a lot of these possibilities and dreams.

[00:01:16] David Wood: And it might not even get into your conscious brain because somewhere deep in the recesses, something has said on that’s going to be awkward or that’s going to be risky, or that would never work for you. One thing that from my life that I think is crazy, cause I’m a life coach and you think I’d be fully expressed.

[00:01:34] David Wood: And I am in a lot of areas, but for years, 10 years, I’d harbored this secret idea that one day I’d like to dive into acting, just start at, do a full-on diploma course, like a year, two years, do auditions every day, move to Los Angeles. You know how many people I told about that dream over 10 years, zero, because my mind didn’t even really allow it to exist as a real possibility.

[00:02:03] David Wood: It was this one day. That’d be nice to do fine. Four months ago, I started speaking it out loud. I was like, maybe, maybe next year is the time to do this me because I don’t know how long I’m going to live on 53. Hopefully I’ll get another 30 years, but I don’t know. And I started speaking it. And then as soon as I started speaking it, things happened, a friend heard me and said, why don’t you come and audition with me for this.

[00:02:34] David Wood: I lied a lot. I don’t know how to act. I don’t know how to audition, but I’ll come and read. And if they like the lines, I’ll read some more. And then they, they cast me as the lead in, in a play. I just play, I just did 13 performances of Dracula in a paid professional production, all because I started speaking.

[00:02:52] David Wood: But the point is the mind is tricky and it will hide these things. I am sad about that, but for those who have the spot. But there was read this Bach you know, maybe the white can by watching an inspiring movie or they had a dream or a near death experience or something, and they got the spark and they say, I want to create, I want to see what more is possible for me.

[00:03:16] David Wood: And I want to create, and then secondly, I want to move towards that at a faster pace than I would on my own. That gets me excited. It’s like, oh yeah. How do you move faster instead of five years to maybe achieve the goal? What about one year definitely achieved the goal? Well, we can never province definite, but at least double or triple your chances.

[00:03:43] David Wood: That’s a game that I think the high performers play and then I see them play over and over again. What more can I create that I’m not seeing. Like where are my blind spots and how do I move faster? Which might involve a focus, which is not easy for us humans in this day and age, it might involve a leverage that you’re doing too many things that other people could be doing.

[00:04:09] David Wood: There are a number of things I usually focus on three areas. One how’s your productivity. Let’s have you achieve twice as much in half the time too. How’s your. Let’s double revenue and then three, how’s your leverage? What could other people be trained up and managed to do? Maybe better than you can and a free and much cheaper than, than you can.

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