Handling Frustrating Communication: The Fruit Salad Story


Ever asked two or three questions and received a response to one? It’s frustrating, right?

Not only is it tiring to revisit the same set of questions constantly, but it’s a major zap on your time.

What you need is a fruit salad!

Listen in as David reveals:

  • Why apples, bananas and oranges have everything to do with your communication.
  • How to eliminate frustrating communication issues.
  • What to say to get people to respond to all questions.

The more you express your needs, the better communication you’ll have with others.

– David Wood


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David Wood: [00:00:00] I had an example yesterday with a contractor, I hired someone to write some programming. And and listeners you might be able to relate to this. I would ask two or three questions on the chat and he would respond to one.   And it was tedious constantly because the questions are loading in my brain.

I got three questions, I don’t want to, I don’t have a queuing system for my this. I put them down and he’s responding to one. And I finally, I got on a zoom call with him and I literally, this is the truth. I literally got some fruit. I got an Apple and a banana and an orange next to me so that I could explain to him because English was his second language.

And I was just like, I want to explain to him, Hey, I’m asking you for an Apple, a banana and an orange, and you’re handing me an Apple. What do you think’s going to happen then? Or you get an Apple and an orange, what do you think’s going to happen? I’m going to ask you for a banana. Constantly. And it’s taking a lot of time.

And I said, if this keeps happening, I’m going to have to, no offense, I’m going to have to stop working with you and get someone else. This is a deal breaker for me, right? I need you to respond to every question. I asked three. Give me three answers. And,  he’s been so much better since we had that conversation, but again, I had to see what was happening, name the mouse and,  so that he could see it as well.

And then he got it. A lot of people, like if I hadn’t done that, I’d just be angry, and angry. And making them wrong and that’s not going to go very well.

Deb Krier: [00:01:39] And plus hopefully it helped him dealing with other people because if he was doing it to you, he was probably doing it to other people. And yeah,  just by telling him, Hey, you know what, when it’s important, when I asked you three questions, I need three answers.

Even if one of the answers is, I don’t know.

David Wood: [00:01:55] Yeah. And this is, and this is so common. I think it’s really good we’re talking about this. I did a communication course once  years ago, and now I’m getting the power of it because I’d sit opposite you and I’d say, do fish swim and you would, you, you were supposed to say something like birds fly.

This happens. So often you ask a question, people go off and I would say, thank you. Do you have the question? Wow. So simple. And so now I’m you, I’m literally writing to him. Thank you. So I’m thanking him for his response. Do you have the question?  I’ve done this with more than one person because they don’t have the question, they’ve gone on or they’ve discarded it, or they think this is more important.

Thank you. Let’s bring it back. Do you have the question? It takes one person to guarantee communication.


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