Got Suffering? How to Un-Suffer

I’ve got a great tip for you!

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that at some point or another our lives have been impacted by suffering. But what happens when you suffer over the suffering, and how do  you get out of it?

  • How to overcome the cycles and loops.
  • How to harness a “Bring it” mindset!

Bring it!
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] Tony Maree Torrey: One of the things I say to my clients is that about, not suffering over the suffering, right? Like suffering in life is somewhat inevitable. Pain is somewhat inevitable, but then what happens is that we, we suffer and then we get hooked into suffering over the suffering. And that’s really the part that we have control.

[00:00:20] David Wood: Yeah. That’s a really good point. So there’s, there are cycles and little loops that we get into, so might be really upset about I don’t know, say. And then we could get upset that we’re upset about the breakup, particularly if we’re on the spiritual path, we’re like, I shouldn’t be upset about this.

[00:00:38] David Wood: And so then we beat ourselves up about that at some point, you’ve just got to go. All right. This is how it is. I don’t like what’s happening. I am suffering right now. Oh my God. If I suffered Tawny, I’ll tell you I did I, a Watson. Last year, the plant medicine jungle stuff told you know, some people told me it can be six hours of pure suffering.

[00:01:03] David Wood: Oh my God, did I suffer? I was aware of it. I’m lying there going, I hate this and I want it to stop. And I know the way out is to stop seeking way out. But this is the truth of it. I just hate this and I’m just breathing, trying to get by every second. Sometimes that’s what you got. At least I had the comfort of knowing there was a timer on it.

[00:01:28] David Wood: Like, like eventually this would wear off and I would get back to some kind of a normal.

[00:01:35] Tony Maree Torrey: Well, you frame it then I, I it’s like I, I have friends and colleagues that swear by it and have had amazing experiences, but I didn’t know. I think actually, you know, when I. A teenager. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and they put me on morphine and I had the worst trip snakes, weird, crazy, scary things going on.

[00:02:01] Tony Maree Torrey: And as a 15 year old, that was not thing that I at the time had any perspective on. So anything that’s, you know, Inclined to alter your psyche in that way. I steer clear.

[00:02:15] David Wood: Well, that’s a wonderful example about having a bad morphine trip and snakes and whatever coming at you. So I think that’s a great metaphor for life.

[00:02:25] David Wood: Sometimes there could be someone who’s angry with you. Your landlord could be, you know, chewing you out. And that’s like the same version of the snakes and we’ve, we’ve got a choice we can. Freak out about that. I go, oh my God, there are snakes in this. Shouldn’t be happening. Or this is a great story from my friend read Mihalcoe.

[00:02:50] David Wood: Oh, damn. I’ll just say, now that I’ve said the name, I don’t have permission to tell this story. Let’s just say there was a situation. Nope. Now I can’t do it. That’s okay. We can edit. I’ll use my own example. I’ll use an example from my own life. I took a substance. That I’m sure is legal in some country. Not necessarily legal in the U S so and so, where I was when I took it, but it took this one substance and I was seeing visions, like, like, like when I was on Iowasca I saw and I saw.

[00:03:27] David Wood: Really dark visions. Like I saw I won’t even say what it was, but it involved babies and mutilation. It was just like, and I, and I watched it and I realized I could really freak out about this, but instead I said, really, that’s what you’ve got for me. That’s what you want me to see babies dying. That’s what you got.

[00:03:52] David Wood: And I kept saying, show me, show me, show me. And it was so much easier welcoming that and walking into it. And I have had something similar with snakes crawling on my food crawling and whatever stuff like that. And it’s been wonderful to be able to say, all right, out of all the things you could show me in the world, this is what you want me to see right now.

[00:04:13] David Wood: Okay. And I think that’s a really great way when we can to approach life and business and relationships whatever’s happening. All right. This isn’t what I wouldn’t have chosen. I have a preference for something else, but since this is what we’ve got.

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