Go Deep on Whatever You Choose

If you’re not going deep with your marketing, it can be hard to find traction and be well-known for your expertise with a particular method. I share:

  • How being consistent matters.
  • How I made the #1 position on Google.
  • Why testing is key to find ONE thing.

Find ONE marketing method you’re good at and go deep.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] David Wood: So when I was in Australia and I met a guy who was coaching, he was doing a coaching program. I said, I’ve wanted to do that for a year. How about I hire you as my coach and I’ll be a practice client and I’ll learn by osmosis because I tend to watch monkey, see monkey. Do. So we did that. And then I got started.

[00:00:21] David Wood: I was auditioning a singer for my act because I can’t sing as we’ve established. And I thought I’ll get a great singer and she’ll carry me basically. And she was having some issues in her life and work. And I said, how about you being my first practice client? And I charged her what I was paying my guy.

[00:00:40] David Wood: And so I was often running and then I went and did a training program. But at that time search engines were. So this is back in 19 nine. Now pretty new. There was Alta Vista. Yahoo was still a thing and I’m, I’m a bit of a geek. I love systems and I love business. So I started looking at well, what do you do?

[00:01:04] David Wood: And a lot of the things that I did back then, it’s still applicable today. It’s just, the competition has gotten. Insane. So I, you know, I went and looked it up. How do you do it? And I put anchor text on my pages and I linked to other sites. And then I had other sites linked to me and I was just early at it.

[00:01:23] David Wood: I think that’s one of the reasons. And then Google came along and. Also the search engines back then were challenging. It was all paid. If you want them to be at the top of the listings you had to pay, which shot the integrity of the engines. And I think that’s why Google got ahead because they separated their advertising.

[00:01:44] David Wood: You could tell what was ads and you could tell what was clean results. Right? And so I added a 23 million results for life coaching. I was so. To be number one, but basically get in early, if you can, and then really focus your attention as a business owner. Yeah. You want to get great at Facebook ads. You want to get great at alliances.

[00:02:09] David Wood: You want to get great at search engine optimization. You want to get great at. all of it But if you try and do that, you’re just going to be mediocre at everything. So I would say, do some testing. That’s what I do with my clients. I said, well, test a few things over the next, say six weeks and then pick one thing and go deep.

[00:02:31] David Wood: And that’s what I’ve done with podcasting. I’ve done 160 interviews in the last two years. And so I I’m just, this is my method podcast, podcast podcast. I share what I know someone resonates with it. They ask if they can have a session with me, we do a session. Maybe we start working together. That’s my method.

[00:02:55] David Wood: So my question for you for all listeners, what’s your method that you’re going to go deep on and become really well-known for excellence in that marketing method

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