Your Gift Basket!

1) Free 15 minute Strategy and “Are We a Fit” Call (for qualifying businesses).

If you are earning between $5000 and $80,000 per month in your business, have a great product or service, and are serious about doubling revenue over the next 12 months, then you qualify for this live strategy call with me. We’ll identify the low-hanging fruit in your business and find out if I can actually help you long-term. I’ll ask some probing and powerful questions in my ninja form, then you can book directly in my calendar. Use this link to give me a snapshot of your business.

2) A Cheat Sheet with the first steps to double revenue

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3) The 6 Min “Achieve More in Less Time” Video

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4) OK this one requires an outlay of a few dollars, but the bonuses are worth hundreds of dollars, and they come free:
A roadmap to freedom and fulfillment is yours in @JohnLeeDumas ‘ new book launching March 23: The Common Path to Uncommon Success! Order your copy today at and snag 5 ON FIRE bonuses! The bonuses alone are worth hundreds of dollars.

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5 Steps to Double Your Business

Free 6 min video reveals how to double revenue by staying focused, achieving more, and becoming a more extraordinary entrepreneur and human.