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I once went to a dinner party I didn’t want to go to and in five minutes found myself in tears and feeling so connected to someone  he could be my brother. How? That’s the power of the right question. All too often we gather and only ask superficial questions of those around us, cutting us off from the wealth and richness to be found in hearing the other person’s experience – and sharing our own. 

Asking myself ‘How can I create that experience with everyone I meet’, the answer came to me: ‘Create an app!’. Listen in to find out what app, plus:

  • A possible way to bring up really deep questions without it being awkward
  • How to know when you’re truly curious
  • The two magical words to make connecting on a deeper level so much easier, and more. 

What’s a really deep question you can ask someone to get beneath the surface of your relationship? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Get Real, Go Deeper app:

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