How to Truly Connect With Other Humans (a simple game)

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Are you struggling to feel connected to people right now? Josh Cantwell of the Accelerated Investor podcast and I talked about how COVID19 and social distancing is impacting our lives, both personally and in business. We talked about true connection and why we as humans struggle to find it with one another, not just now, but generally. We also share:

  • Why we have issues being vulnerable
  • Why we should want to connect more
  • How to connect deeper with others
  • The importance of physical touch
  • How connecting with others increases your influence
  • The business case for connecting more
  • The value of curiosity and listening
  • How Josh raises amazing amounts of money by building relationships with investors
  • The Curiosity Game you can try at home!

How will you use your curiosity to relate more to those around you? Share with me in the comments! 

You can find out more about the Accelerated Investor podcast here.

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