From Triggered to Tranquil

If you feel like your anxiety is getting in the way of life, then this podcast episode might be for you.

Join me as I chat with Dr Susan Campbell on a therapy-tested approach that can defuse anger and stress reactions when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

Topics covered include:

  • How to get clear on your micro triggers.
  • How asking for what you want can create a trigger situation.
  • Have you got an unrepaired rupture?
  • Do you have a self-protective place?
  • The way you deal with your story about reality.
  • How to notice the trigger signs.
  • The 4 Elements that are present when you are triggered.
  • How to handle your triggers.
  • Why valuing information can tell you what you care about.
  • The exercise you can do to ground your nervous system.
  • How to go from triggered to tranquil.

Psychologist Susan Campbell has worked as a corporate trainer and relationship coach for 55 years. A former professor at the University of Massachusetts, and frequent guest lecturer at Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA, she is author of twelve books on the topic of relationships and human communication. Her work has been featured in many popular magazines including New Woman, Psychology Today, Self, Harvard Business Review, Seventeen, Men’s Health, New Age, Fast Company, and Yoga Journal. She has been featured on such national TV shows as, CNN’s News Night, Good Morning America, and The Dr. Dean Edell Show. Susan trains coaches and therapists throughout the United States and Europe.

In her recent book, From Triggered to Tranquil, she offers a no-blame approach to conflicts and misunderstandings, empowering us to explore triggers and trauma responses and use these as portals to growth and self-compassion. This accessible, timely, and useful book includes:

five steps to “trigger mastery” that can be applied to any interpersonal relationship or encounter specific techniques for relationships with spouses, partners, children, bosses, coworkers, and friends, as well as a chapter for group facilitators ways to address triggers related to politics, racism, climate change, and other hot-button issues.

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