Doubling Revenue AND Enjoyment: Client Case Study with Ben Leyson

Not only is it possible to double your revenue, but you can increase intimacy and enjoyment at the same time! Tune into this Extraordinary Focus podcast where I interview my client Ben Leyson on how he has done just that.

We cover:

  • How to use boundaries in the workplace in a natural way.
  • Raw and vulnerable communication with employees to gain higher trust.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of polarities between masculine and feminine for more fun!
  • Improve your communication skills for better business outcomes.
  • Put context into your conversations to change dynamics.

Ben combines the latest in neuroscience and physiotherapy to help active people stay fit, recover fast and improve performance without needing painkillers or rest.

Ben now works exclusively with active people over 30 who are looking for something different. Ben is someone who is unsatisfied with traditional approaches and is the only Integrative Physiotherapist in Woolgoolga. He places a high value on healthy activity and time with family,  and wishes to help others maintain their fitness and feel young!

To learn more about Ben, visit

When you show up as vulnerable and as yourself with clients, nothing can really go wrong.
– Ben Leyson

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