Create The Life You Desire with Aloise “Kitty”

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David interviews Aloise “Kitty” on how to create a life you desire and how to tap into what’s possible.

Aloise Surfleet-Middleton is an Ascension Guide, an Akashic Records Reader, a Reiki Master and an Accredited Coach. Her Dharma Life Academy shows you how to create the life you desire and make a difference on the planet.

In this episode, Aloise “Kitty” covers:

  • How your vision/goals are the first step to focus.
  • What’s possible for me?
  • What would excite me?
  • Concept of creating your own future – you’re sitting in a taxi and don’t know where it’s going!
  • Presencing this each week, or even each day.
  • Aligning your mind and thoughts and even expectations with this future.
  • Using the Morning Pages!
  • Taking daily action as a way of messaging the universe.
  • Non-attachment to the vision (you might get something better)!
  • How Aloise created a leadership organization through visioning
  • Is visioning responsible for one of David’s career highlights?


“Most people are driving in the seat of their lives, and they have no idea where they are headed”

I truly believe that we have this inner guidance system, that we are not taught to tap into

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