Connecting Deeper over Zoom

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One of the hardest aspects of the current social distancing rules has to be the struggle to connect with those we’re close to. Not being able to spend time with ailing loved ones, feeling disconnected from family and friends, and losing impact with your team members is taking its toll. In this clip from my second interview on the Accelerated Investor podcast, I share with host Josh Cantwell:

  • How we can connect deeper with our parents over Zoom
  • How to keep groups focused
  • The principle of focused attention
  • Using breakout rooms in Zoom for impact
  • How to connect with your team long term
  • How to manage being transactional vs relational, and more! 

How will you use what you’ve learned here in your own Zoom calls? I’d like to hear it, so share below!

You can find out more about the Accelerated Investor podcast here.

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