E023: Live Role Play – “Change, or I Quit”

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In this episode of the TC podcast, we’ve got a real life Tough Conversation for you to listen in on. One of the attendees to my free weekly Tough Conversations Roleplay Zoom call, let’s call her ‘Wonder Woman’, needs to see change, or she may need to quit.

Listen in for:

  • Why it’s crucial to release charge first!
  • How to ensure you see real action or change
  • How to avoid the “lazy yes”
  • How to avoid the “dirty yes” (when someone says yes, but means no)

Now that you’ve seen a Tough Conversation in action, do you feel more or less equipped to handle one in your own life? Leave a comment below.

This is a case study from my free weekly zoom call. You can register for the free calls at playforreal.life/zoomregister

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