E008 Byron Katie: Selling Yourself

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David interviews Byron Katie on how to keep offering your gifts to world in the face of human doubts. See if you qualify for a free Discovery Session with David.

“It’s OK to sell yourself. People have a right to know you’re available.”

Byron Katie

Listen in to learn:
-The truth about being ‘good enough’ to be a coach/expert
-The importance of coaching yourself first
-Clearing the field of inauthenticity
-Responsibility to oneself to remain authentic
-Giving up the ‘Guru’ position
-Can not having your sh*t together be OK?
-How Katie overcame agoraphobia.
-The power of NOTHING
-How to banish the need for approval
-The difference between Service vs Selling

“No-one comes to me who isn’t the right one”

Byron Katie

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