Be You. Be Real.

When we get wrapped up in our own lives, we may not see the actual reality. And it stops us from being who we really are.

In this video:

  • Our stories are just that… stories.
  • How to use the Story Telling Mice (formerly Reality Check Mice) to get a different perspective.
  • Why Confession Mice can be inspiring.

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[00:00:00] James P Friel: So talk about that. What’s the reality check mouse.

[00:00:02] David Wood: Yeah. We all live in our own matrix. Right? We’ve all got our own stories. We’ve got our own version of the world, but we don’t live like that. We think that what we see is how it is, that’s how we live. So that guy’s a jerk. She’s really sweet. Um, uh, this person doesn’t like me.

Right. That’s how, that’s how we live, but they’re just our stories. Maybe some of them are true. Maybe some of them match with the other person’s experience, but often they don’t. And so once we realize that and we need that, that voice to come in and go, oh, wait a minute. I’m I’ve, I’ve got a story here that this person’s upset with me or, um, or I might even be in mystery.

My boss hasn’t given me the last three projects has given them to, to Jim. What am I? Am I not good enough? Is he just not seeing me? I don’t have any idea. This is a reality check mouse. Say, hey, I noticed I’ve got a story that you, you don’t want to work with me cause you’ve given the last three, three to Jim.

And I just want to check. Is that true? Um, is it not? Am I hallucinating? It’s a reality check mouse. And then I’ll give you one more mouse, uh, confession mouse. Really good. I’ve got something that I did. Not feeling good about it. I wish I hadn’t. And I want to share that. When I was 18 years old, I cheated on my first girlfriend. Felt horrendous the next day when I sobered up.

And, um, she had a pretty big confession mouse with her. And she broke up with me as she should. And I had to own her trust back. I remember, I think I rented or borrowed a tuxedo, got a dozen roses, got on the train for six hours up to where she was staying at a parent’s house and, and, and begged her. And I earned back her trust and, uh, eventually married that woman.

 So there’s a confession mouse. Now, you know, the stakes might be higher with a confession mouse, but. We watch movies where people risk all to tell the truth, because it’s inspiring. Because that’s how we want to live.

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