Be Unstoppable with Derek Loudermilk

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Derek is a Professional Adventurer, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Digital Nomad, Business Coach, Father, founder of AdventureQuest Travel, and Host of The Art of Adventure Podcast where David has been featured multiple times. In this episode, David chats to Derek Loudermilk about how to be unstoppable!

“When you have 100% conviction, it’s so much easier to be who you need to be and get the thing that you want”
– David Wood

In this episode with Derek we cover

  • How to ask the right questions!
  • ‘A’ goals and ‘B’ goals AND…
  • How to stay accountable!
  • ‘Draft’ means ‘draft’

“It’s now about the goal, it’s how you play the game.”

– David Wood

To find out more about Derek visit and to listen to Derek’s podcast click here.

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