Are You Going To Play It Safe All The Time?

I want to explore with you why playing it safe might be the worst decision of your life. Many people play safe when faced with difficult choices in their lives, but what if there was another way? What if you could make bolder moves for greater rewards? In this video, we’ll explore some alternatives and find out whether or not playing it safe is worth doing.

  • Why you’ll pay one way or another with your decisions.
  • How discomfort can lead to transformation.
  • Why naming the mouse can lead to better rewards.

We live as if we only get one shot at it. And it’s rarely the case.
– David Wood

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[00:00:00] Jethro Jones: Why is playing it safe, not the best idea.

[00:00:02] David Wood: Yeah. Sometimes playing it safe as the most dangerous thing you can do. So that’s so true. Like I figure we’re going to pay one way or another. We’re either going to pay up front and quickly by addressing the issue and we’ll pay with some discomfort. Maybe they have some discomfort and then hopefully we’ll get more connected and then it’s transformed even, or we can pay over to.

[00:00:28] David Wood: And we can pay over time slowly, like ripping off the band-aid inch by inch. Right. I had an example recently with a landlord. This is before I moved into this new house moved in downstairs and crossed my boundary in a really big way. He would open the adjoining door between our apartments and just come into my space and start using the storage room.

[00:00:53] David Wood: And I was freaking out by. And was not happy. Now I could have not address this and just you know, tried to basically suffer in silence or move out and get a hotel and, you know, all sorts of things I was considering trying, but that’s not my style. I’m like, Dave, you got to address this. And it was very scary for me to reach out to him and say, Hey.

[00:01:22] David Wood: Could we have a cup of tea in the garden and talk and he agreed to it and then it could have gone badly in a number of ways, but I’ve been at this for a bit and I have a model for how to do cough, tough conversations. I started the conversation with asking him a question that I was really curious about.

[00:01:42] David Wood: I said, how did you manifest this? How did you do it? Cause I want to manifest a house like this right now. Did you get lucky? Did you work really hard or was it something else? And he talked for half an hour about what the house meant to him and how, when the old one burned down, he cried looking out over the valley.

[00:02:01] David Wood: It was really sweet. And then once that was done, I said, can I share with you a little bit about what I’ve been going through the last couple of days? And he said, And I was just straight with him. I said, I’m really trying to change my mind so I can get on board with you coming in and out. And the truth is I’m miserable.

[00:02:19] David Wood: Is there any way you might be willing to give me 24 hours notice? So my nervous system can relax and he said, yeah, I can do that. And I cried. I mean, I can be a tough guy who jumped off a mountain in a pole with a pair of Gladys strapped to my back and go up under 10,000 feet. I can hold my head in an armed holdup.

[00:02:43] David Wood: I cried and it was such a sweet connection. Transformed that relationship from an enemy. He was an enemy to me when he came in and started doing that. I had a panic attack. And we transform that to he’s offering, to pick up stuff for me in town, I’m offering to carry his groceries. He, that day became an ally.

[00:03:05] David Wood: So I’m a big fan of, even though you might be thinking, all right, this is going to be awkward. This is uncomfortable. I’m scared. They could be negative consequences. Nine times out of 10. I would say it’s in my experience. It’s been worth it to take away. You know, usually you’re going to be no worse off than how you started and if you are maybe there, that’s how it’s supposed to go.

[00:03:32] David Wood: That’s just round one. Maybe you get around to and around three, Hey, you know what? I don’t think I did very well in that conversation. I’d like to have a do-over would that be possible? You know, I’ve thought about it more and I feel like I wasn’t really listening to your side of it. I’d like to have a dual.

[00:03:48] David Wood: Boom do round two. We live as if we only get one shot at it and it’s rarely.

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