A Simple Formula to Double Your Revenue

You know the old saying, “it takes two to tango.” Well, it’s also true when it comes to doubling your revenue. Alliances is an excellent way for us and other businesses in any industry to turn each other’s dreams into reality through collaboration.

In this episode, I discuss the courage to form alliances, including:

  • Identifying the perfect person or business for your alliance.
  • Why it’s essential to keep going and not stop at the first sign of rejection.


The best way to double your revenue is by forming alliances. Find out what they need, and see how you can help them!
– David Wood


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Anna Parker-Naples: [00:00:00] For someone, who right at the start of their business journey we promised today that we would talk about going, having the courage to double your revenue. What does it take to really do that?

David Wood: [00:00:13] Yeah. Well, I want to come back to awareness. I think we started on that. So alliances is such a great place to start.

Who is already talking to your market? And there was a great book I read once called Smart Match Alliances. It was by Ernest F Oriente and Judy Feld. And they asked the question, what are your dream alliances? Like, just think about it. If you had golf clubs, wouldn’t you like a special coupon be handed out to everyone who buys a pool.

If you have an expensive golf clubs, wouldn’t that be awesome? And I started thinking, oh, well, geez I’m a coach. What would I like? I’d like to be Yahoo. Yahoo was big at the time. I’d like to be Yahoo’s chosen coach. People can come and ask questions and then, and you know, and Yahoo promotes me.

So you start thinking about your dream alliances. What about your dream platforms. You might want to pitch Anna on being on her podcast? That might be an edge for you. Right. But what have you got to lose? You only got a no I bet if you pitched her a really interesting story and you had really interesting content, you’d be in with a shot.

I just I mean, I look for an angle like, oh, I know someone or ask for an introduction and like that. But what you said is great. I’m listening to the West Wing weekly right now, which is a podcast all about the West Wing, which is show I’m crazy about. And I’ve, I keep, it keeps bubbling. That I’d like to reach out to Josh Molina.

Who’s one of the stars on the West Wing. I liked the guy and I’d like to reach out. I don’t know when or how I’m going to do it, but I’m picking up things as I listened to his podcast that he’s interested in, that he finds funny things that I find funny. And I thought I might just reach out to him on Twitter.

Anna Parker-Naples: [00:01:59] Yeah. You’re looking for that in, and it doesn’t have to be a complete hardcore pitch. Like you say, you start building that relationship on social media. We have. Ah, we have so much opportunity literally in the palm of our hand, but how many of you out there have the courage to do something about it?

David Wood: [00:02:14] Yup.

Yup. And look it might look when you look at successful people. So you look at Anna now or if you look at me, a lot of people think, oh, well you just, you, just, everything you do is successful. No way. You’re kidding.

I finally got the courage to reach out to George R Martin, who wrote a little book called Game Of Thrones.

And no. Sorry. It wasn’t him. There was, there’s another guy. Who’s one of my favorite authors. Patrick Rothfuss wrote a book called the Name Of The Wind. And for 10 years we’ve been waiting for the third book and I thought, I want to coach that. I can help him. And I think that’d be fun for me.

And I finally reached out, didn’t hear back and I bring that up because that’s just an example of the many times I’ve reached out. Like I’ve reached out to Tim Mention. Who’s probably pretty big in the UK. And I did comedy back when he was getting started and every now and then I’ve gotten a response, but not in the last few years, but again, I reach out again.

Tim. I want to coach you.  What’s that going to take? I there’s, you do a thousand things and 990 of them don’t work. But then you get 10 that take off and people go, oh wow. You know, congratulations. They don’t see it’s just it’s a numbers game. It’s the law of large numbers. Ask, and ask. And then you’ll be surprised when you get a yes.

You’d be like oh my God. So, you know, like Entrepreneurs On Fire said yes to me being on the podcast. You know, they get a million downloads. But you don’t get the hundreds that I’ve asked that just don’t  even respond.

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