3 Big Buckets To Double Your Revenue

Most businesses are not doubling their revenue, and that’s a problem.

If you want your business to grow, having a proven approach for attracting new prospects and converting them into paying customers is key. That’s why I developed 3 Big Buckets To Double Your Revenue.

In this video, I cover:

  • GREAT strategy questions to ask yourself.
  • Why leads, conversion and leverage are a MUST
  • How productivity plays a part in doubling your revenue
  • The genius zone – are you in it?

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[00:00:00] David Wood: What I start with with most of my clients is what’s your Let’s have you make more money because more money is better than, than less money. And most of my clients want to double revenue, so I’m like, okay, it’s great. Let’s strategize and work out your, your messaging. Do you have a flood of leads?

How’s your conversion? When people come to your website, you want them buying your product, and then how’s your leveraging of existing customers. So in terms of the money aspect, I look at those three buckets, leads, conversion, and leveraging existing customers. And not everyone needs all three of those things.

Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s two, sometimes it’s all three. Then, then another bucket that I look at. How’s your productivity. Are you really clear on your goals at 12 months? Are you clear on your goals at three months? Are you clear on your goals for the next seven days? And do you know what you’re going to start with when you wake up tomorrow and then what you’ll complete before you go and check messages?

So, you know, that’s, that’s in the, in the bucket of productivity, then we need to look at. How you work when you sit down to work, are there distractions? Can you say, this is what I will do over the next two hours? And boom, it gets done most people can’t and that’s fine. That’s that’s the way the mind works, but it’s quite possible.

And then the last piece in that productivity bucket, as you. Do you see challenges as challenges and opportunities, or do you see them as problems in something to really be upset about? That’s an example of mindset and who knows what’s going to go in. I just spoke with I love how you talked about a client might say something and then I’m listening for the bigger picture.

And seeing how it, I might see how it fits with something else as a client. I just did a coaching session with today. It was a little laser session cause she had problems with with, with one of her clients. And you know, the client was expecting our apply on the weekends and late at night and like that, now we could have just handled this, but my question is where else in your life are you not setting appropriate boundaries?

Who else in your life could use some training in how to be with you and how to support you? Maybe it’s a kids. Maybe it’s a husband. Maybe it’s the ex-husband. Maybe it’s some staff. Maybe it’s you yourself, you know, maybe you’re not respecting your own boundaries. So we get to look at the bigger picture and she can make sense of it in terms of her whole life.

And now she’s interested in how to train this client to be with her and communicate because now she can then take that and apply it everywhere else in her life. I just set a boundary. Yesterday with a new tenant that I have, and we were sharing a kitchen here and he, he kinda came up the stairs and snuck up behind me and I said, firstly, welcome.

Secondly, can we talk about this? I realize I have a an order of preference of, of how to communicate. And I’d like to share with you what that is. He’s like, oh yeah. Tell me number one. Number two, if it’s more urgent than that and you haven’t heard back from me, call me number three. If it really can’t wait and you haven’t heard back from me, yell out, Hey, David coming up the stairs and my fourth and least favorite would be coming up behind me very quietly right now.

He’s like, okay, great. Now he knows the, you know, the order of preference in the hierarchy. And then, you know, the last bucket that I looked. Is leverage because there’s, if I can help you make a lot of money, but if you don’t have the time off to enjoy it, then what’s the point. So the last bucket is leveraged.

So we look at what is your genius zone? What do you love to do? And that perhaps no one else can do as well as you. And then let’s get a lit. And this is the not to do list. We have two lists, the not to do list. This is what I agree not to do. Now. I will not check Facebook between before four o’clock. I will not check email messages until I’ve done my two most important things.

Whatever you have a list now, and then you have a dream not to do. This is what you want to be on your not to do list. You’re not ready yet because you still have to handle a lot, but it might be your accounting might be your taxes, your bookkeeping, it could be hiring. It could be. I just, I just asked my personal assistant today.

Are you interested and open to. Expanding your responsibilities. I’m thinking I need to set up these utility accounts for the house, and I’m not used to having to do that. And I’d like, I could put you as the primary contact and then you could handle the, paying the bills and then make sure that the tenant pays, pays his portion.

How about that? And she’s like, yeah, you got it. That’s fine. You know, I’ll just charge you Allie. Boom. So we want to have a dream, not to do list. I looked like I might have handled that. About six minutes, right? That could have been a whole lot of stuff that would have been on my plate. I might not have let’s from the, get-go not do that.

And then you need to hire the right staff to handle those things that you’re no longer going to do. And a lot of, lot of entrepreneurs that challenge. By that, like, how do I get good people? How do I have the motivated and excited and wanting this job? So that I’m the one auditioning them. And then the last piece in that bucket is how do I motivate my team and hold them accountable, even to the point where they’re self managing and they keep generating ideas and sending them to me.

And they, they say, Hey, David, I said, I’d complete this by this date. It’s going to be two days late. Is that okay with you? Otherwise I’ll shout for shuffle some things around, like you get it to the point where they are self managing and you don’t have to chase it all so long. Answer. Those are the three big buckets, money productivity, and then still related to productivity.

It’s really about leveraging your time. It’s not him. It’s not unreasonable to expect to achieve twice as much of what matters in half the time you’re currently spending.

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