What Stops Us From Being Productive?

Do you have a hard time being productive?

Busy work is entertaining. But it won’t double your revenue.
– David Wood

We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. There’s so much going on in our lives that it can be difficult to focus and get work done. But there are ways we can combat this problem and become more productive.

If you want more money, more free time, and less stress in your life, then I think it makes sense to try and counter the monkey mind with these tips.

  • Find out how your brain works
  • Understand what is stopping you from being productive
  • How to eliminate distractions that steal your time and energy

Are you distractions stealing your time and energy?
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: What I start with with most of my clients is what’s your well, the human mind in my experience is like a monkey on crack. It’s just constantly over here and over there and all that shiny, you know, oh look, monkey trait. That’s that’s what the human mind does. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just sit down, close your eyes and count your breaths up until that.

And see how far you get before the mind is just off doing its own thing. So that’s one thing. And then on top of that, we’ve got our society and the information age right now. And you know, my phone wants to pull my attention with 20 different apps. I got WhatsApp. I got Voxer. I got Marco polo. I got messenger.

I just use Snapchat. Facebook goes on and on and on. Then there’s the computer. And then all of that. And then you got family, you got the kids and the partner, and that it’s so much. So the real question is how does anyone. Actually get focused work done. And if you’re already making plenty of money and you’ve got plenty of time off, then I, you know, I recommend you don’t listen to anything I say, because it’s really not that relevant to you, but if you want more money and you want more time off and you also want to show up.

More fully in life. So you have zero regrets then I think it makes sense to try and counter the monkey mind, and we can give away a checklist at the end of. Of this episode where I have a just go through I boom, 12 month goals, check three month goals, check book sprints in my calendar check. So a monkey mind, plus the information overload that we have.

Here’s another thing, fear of missing out. I think if I just focus on this one thing for the next week or month or year and go really deep. What about all the other marketing? Methods I could be trying. What about all the other people I could be calling? I should be trying this and trying that and doing this and what, and the fourth thing is, I think we like entertained.

We want to be entertained and it’s quite entertaining to jump from thing to thing and feel busy. And I got an interview with Meredith and then got my assistant downstairs and then, oh, the plumbers coming to do that. And then, oh, this is a little text message. I’m going to hit the, I’m going to get a, get a dopamine hit from responding on this text message and then I’ll get back on that email.

That’ll be something off my plate. So we think we’re being more productive, but what we’re really doing is producing dopamine and adrenaline and stressing ourselves out and actually being busy instead of production.

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