Tough Conversations Between the Sexes – with Dr. John Gray

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In this wonderful dive into man-woman dynamics, learn why John identifies as an emotional nudist, plus:

  • John’s deep love for his late wife, and how he’s coping
  • John’s radical views on expressing love in the workplace
  • How it’s politically correct to acknowledge gender differences, leading to gender confusion
  • The problems with gender blindness
  • What has our hearts close
  • How John’s message has shifted since Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
  • The increase in women’s independence, and how it influences gender dynamics
  • What mean REALLY need, and the bad things that happen when that need isn’t met
  • How our biology influences what we need
  • Why men need more testosterone, and women need more estrogen
  • How to increase a men’s testosterone
  • How to increase a women’s estrogen
  • And why we’d care about that! (Hint: it’s related to wellbeing)
  • What we need to fall in love and make babies
  • How to have a man want to work harder for you
  • The power of appreciating men
  • Why women need respect (and examples of how to give it!) (get time ref – see marker – note for SM, VP)
  • John’s transparency in how he gets men to trust him, and the different approach to get women to trust him
  • Why a man wants to be singled out for his achievement (builds testosterone)
  • Why a women wants to feel a sense of inclusion and that “we did it together” (builds estrogen)
  • The importance of love in the workplace

“If you focus on what a man doesn’t do, he will do less”
“Men get plenty of respect. What they need today is appreciation”
“For men, it’s “Look what I did”. For women, it’s ‘Look what we did'”.
“Both men and women have been indoctrinated that ‘woman is weak'”.

What’s your biggest take away?

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