How to Connect With Celebrities and Influencers (Even When You’re ‘Unknown’)

What if you had no or limited contacts and wanted to connect with celebrities and influencers to grow your business? It’s easier than it might seem!

I give some insightful tips, including:

  • Leveraging the power of your existing network.
  • How to be a guest expert on other podcasts.
  • How relationship marketing connects you with the right people.

You have no limits! You can connect with celebrities and influencers to grow your business, as long as you know how.
– David Wood

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Anna Parker-Naples: [00:00:00] What would you say then to someone who just thinks, well, you know, I’m not making the money that I want in my business. And it’s all very well you talking about being brave, but I’m not meeting the right people. I’m not in those circles. What do you say to them?

David Wood: [00:00:12] Oh, that’s a good one. Yeah. Cause in my position now I know a lot of people. So that I have that as an asset.

Look, I had to restart my business about three years ago. And that’s a great question to ask someone is like, if you had to start over again, how would you do it? Well, now I know, cause I had to restart and I didn’t have an email list. Now, I mean, it had gotten from 150,000 and it had gone down to a few thousand.

I called the people that I did know. That’s how I started. I called people from like 15 years ago. I emailed them. I said, I want to know what you’re up to. I want to see how I can help. If there’s a way you can help me, that’s going to be a bonus. And a lot of people didn’t respond. A lot of people said, ah, you know, I’m really busy.

And then some people said, yeah, okay. Some people say yes on the third request. Yeah. I had to keep on going. And so you start with the network that you have. It may not be huge.

Anna Parker-Naples: [00:01:16] Your network is your net worth.

David Wood: [00:01:18] So they say, that’s right. And then you might get some introductions from that. You might get some clients, you might get some business and then let’s suppose you want to do podcasting.

And that may not be your channel, but if you want to be a guest expert on other podcasts, I think that’s a great way to promote yourself. Reach out to the ones that you listen to and give it a shot. As soon as you’re on one,  now you’ve got a foot in the door. You’re on one, you can ask for a testimonial. Based on that I reached out to John Lee Dumas and I said, would you be willing to write something that just a paragraph?

Oh my goodness.

Anna Parker-Naples: [00:01:58] I’ve read it. That’s why I agreed to have you on the show.

David Wood: [00:02:01] Wow. Look at that. Look at that. And by the way, it didn’t just happen. Getting on that show, it took two different introductions before he said, oh, I’m going to take a look at this. Right.

Two different introductions. So I really worked it, but you get into one, you get a testimonial. And then here’s my approach. Work out who they know. Now it’s not enough to like, like at the end of this podcast I’m not going to say to Anna, do you know of any podcasts that would be a good fit for me because that’s a hard question for a host to answer.

They got to remember that and they got to work out you know, that’s work. No, I’m going to do my research. I’m going to work out that. I already did it before I got on the show. Look at the podcasts that Anna’s been on. The hosts that have been on her show. So I’m going to do my research and then I might, and I’m not going to put you on the spot here.

And I might ask her, Hey, would you be open to making an introduction to a couple of these people?

Anna Parker-Naples: [00:02:59] And because David say in that way, I’m already open to doing that because he has led with the idea that this is something I could provide to give thanks for coming on my show. See how that works. It’s not hard.

David Wood: [00:03:11] Well, that’s a great approach. What I normally do. I’m going to be really transparent as I normally ask the host, how can I help you? And that’s what I’m going to ask Anna, when this is done, can I help you get on more shows? Can I help you get more great guests? Or is there something else? So I’m going to lead with that.

But here’s the thing, even if Anna doesn’t want to introduce me. Maybe she doesn’t know the people well enough, or she doesn’t have the time or whatever, it doesn’t matter. I can still go to those people and say, Hey, I saw you on Anna’s show. So I checked you out. You’ve got a great podcast, but there’s my end.

Or I saw we were on the same show. So I’m using relationship marketing. Doesn’t need a thing from Anna. It’s a bonus if Anna wants to help, but she doesn’t even have to. So there’s one way that you can start to build, even if you don’t have a big network right now.

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