Find Your OWN Edge (not someone else’s)

I’m going to give you a challenge! I promise that if you do something scary, it will help you find your personal edge.

  • Find out how to get out of your comfort zone
  • Learn the benefits of trying new things
  • Become fearless and finally take that leap

The more we practice being in a discomfort zone, the less uncomfortable it gets.
– David Wood


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David Wood: [00:00:00] That’s true. We’ve got to lean into the discomfort zone and I want to make the point too. I think it’s important that we each find our own edge. So you might hear about what other people, like you hear what Linda just did, that was scary for her. You’ve got to pick what’s scary for you, but not over the top for you.

So I’ve done some extreme things. I’ve jumped off a mountain in Nepal with a paraglider strapped to my back and flown solo up to 10,000 feet under a stone cloud. That was an edge for me. Particularly doing it multiple times day after day. I’ve been on national television in a kilt singing a song and I can’t sing. I did this on the national gong show.

That was a real edge for me. But for you, for listeners, maybe that’s something for you or walking over coals, but maybe an edge for you could be taking a cold shower. You might want to do that and lean into your discomfort zone there. It could be just asking. Asking for a project at work, it could be asking someone who works with you to be on time, instead of being late all the time. You find your own edge in your own sweet spot. That’s why I talk about 30% more courage. Don’t go crazy and don’t just stay in your comfort zone. Find a balance for you.

Linda Mitchell: [00:01:25] And I think what happens too. And I talk a lot about fear, overcoming fears on the podcast, and so many stories that you could tell.

But I think the biggest thing is every time you work that muscle of courage, you get closer to overcoming your fear. And you’re getting to the edge of that, where you become fearless, where you have succeeded so many times before when you were afraid that you start taking bigger and bigger and bigger leaps.

David Wood: [00:01:59] I’m glad you said that because you did ask earlier how do we do it when we’re afraid of something? I do agree with you that the more we practice being in a discomfort zone, less uncomfortable it gets. And now that becomes a comfort zone and we can stretch ourselves to do something further. The other part of the how, I think, is sometimes we can just break it down into manageable chunks.

So back to the idea about the cold shower. I’ve been doing it recently, partly because there are health benefits, but also I want to train my brain.  Reframe it. And I’m in Boulder, Colorado. There’s snow on the ground. So that shower is cold but I’ve found that if I’m going to just step into the shower and do it full on that’s too much.

That’s too much for me. So I break it down. I put the right arm in for 10 seconds, then the right leg for 10 seconds. Then the left leg. Right. And I build up to it. We can do that too. With our fears. We don’t have to go absolutely crazy. You don’t have to ask for everything you want in the bedroom.

Maybe you just say, Hey, you open to one idea that I float past you and see if you’re interested. If you’re not okay, we’ll skip it. We’ll go onto the next one. So break it down into chunks. That’s one way to do it.

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