Are You The Driver or Passenger in Your Life Right Now?

In this video, we explore the two different positions in life that we can have. The Driver and the Passenger.

The Driver is someone who takes control and makes things happen. They’re proactive and always moving forward. The Passenger is someone who lets life happen to them and goes with the flow.

Which one are you?

Tune in as I cover:

  • How to be the author of your own life
  • Why we have to step out of our patterns
  • What you can do to have choices in your life

Are you the author of your own life?
– David Wood


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[00:00:00] David Wood: There are two clear positions in life that we can have, we can be the passenger in the car, or we can be driving the car. And what I think happens over time, as we move from the driver’s seat to, uh, being a passenger in life, we’re busy with email we’re in our patents. We’re responding to emergencies. We maybe we don’t take care of the body until something goes wrong and that’s fine.

That can be a great way to live life and could be enjoyable to just be out of. In fact, many of the teachers who teaches about happiness, uh, teach this method, don’t do anything, just be at effect and enjoy, uh, Byron Katie teachers loving what is, I think that’s absolutely valid. And over time, if we’ve gotten into that position by default, it can be fun to jump into the driver’s seat and be the author of our own actions.

It’d be the author of our own life. And to do that, we have to step out of our patterns. We need some kind of disruptor coaching can be that theory therapy can be that, um, deep experience, like doing a medicine journey, like in a country where it’s. Uh, or not, um, these things can disrupt us, uh, mastermind, coaching, all of that stuff have us think, wait a minute, what, what could I be doing?

Like one client I just worked with today, she’s brilliant running a very successful company. And he wasn’t even aware of what she was tolerating until I asked her, like, what’s frustrating for you this week. She said, well, you know, my employees have a different timeframe than what. I want it done today and I get excuses and reasons why it’s going to take two days.

That’s what happened. My sound frustrating. She’s like, yeah. Do you want to work on that? Yeah. I like a breakthrough in that. Okay. She didn’t even know that’s what she wanted and then we got into it and, uh, she left the call with a communication techniques so that she can sync up her world with the employee’s world and meet in the middle.

Uh, asking the question. What would it take? Just play with me here. What would it take to get it done in two hours? Curious, asking the question. What if, what would it take? And she’s excited. She’s going to practice that because her pattern, and I don’t think she knew this until we spoke was she would push for it.

And then if she got enough pushback, she’d give up and she’d go and do it herself. And I said, well, just play with giving up a little. Let’s play with pushing back a little more and exploring there might be a breakthrough for your, for your employee might be a breakthrough for you. So I get excited about what we don’t know.

We don’t know. And having breakthroughs in that.

[00:02:51] John Golden: Yeah, no, that’s a fantastic example. And something else that you just mentioned a moment ago know about being a leader, the, the driver of the passenger. I think sometimes we forget that we have a choice. Like it’s a conscious choice because sometimes. You know, I think, I think people very easily think that I’m here, I’m stuck here.

This is where I am. Uh, and they don’t feel any sense of kind of ownership over where they are or they feel powerless to change it. And I think again, because you said with a coach or a third party able to tell them, no, you have choices and by the way, by doing nothing right now and just staying here, that’s a conscious choice.

Whether you like it. Yeah.

[00:03:32] David Wood: Yeah, that’s so true. Someone mentioned to me, I think it was last week in a session. She said, I said, what was most useful in this session? And she said, I have choices. I didn’t, I was more going by default that I have to accept the way it is. And now I have choices. I can accept the way it is.

I can get behind that. Or I’ve got three, three, uh, things that I can do to possibly shift it. It’s like, I love people being at choice.

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