Are you Moving Ever Forward, or Standing Still?


Listen in as David reveals the moves you need to make in your game of life and how this impacts your business.

  • Why being curious about hacking the game of life can spur your success.
  • How can you avoid leaving this world with regrets.


When you look back, I want you to say, ‘I gave it all; I left nothing on the field.’ Let’s live life like that.

– David Wood



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Chase Chewning: [00:00:00] What does that mean to you, David? How would you summarize this lens of moving ever forward into what you do and how do you interpret that?

David Wood: [00:00:08] I think it describes my life. I’ve always been curious about hacking the game of life. I think it’s a game. That’s a game with high stakes, right? We can lose loved ones.

You can lose limbs. We can get sick and die in a blink of an eye. It’s an incredible game. And I’ve always been interested in how do we play it better? How do I get more out of life? How do I be more generous? How do I improve my relationships? How do I make more money? Easier? So that to me is moving ever forward.

Let’s keep on working. I had to make better moves. If you play tennis, you can just mess around for fun. That’s a valid way to do it. I’m doing that with a video game right now. Right now I just want to, I just want to play, I want to have fun. Results aren’t important, but then there are other times when no, wait a minute.

I really want this business to do well. I want a result. I want to get better at this game. Even for the video game, I went and hired a coach and I trained and I, yeah, and I got really good, same is true of life. Same is true of business. You can work out how to make better moves in the game. So that on your death bed, ultimately, when you’re looking back, I want you to say I gave it all.

I left nothing on the field. Let’s live life like that.

Chase Chewning: [00:01:28] Beautiful answer. Thank you for that, David. We’re gonna make sure to have all of your information down in the show notes and video notes for everybody, but a real quick, where would you send them if they want to go learn more about you right now, where you’re hanging out the most?

David Wood: [00:01:40] Yeah, sure. I’ve got a little gift basket for listeners so the URL for that, right? I have a cheat sheet, a little checklist with what we’ve talked about today. So you can go through and say, Oh, I’ve got three of those done. I need to work on these seven now to double my focus and my productivity.

Okay. So you can get that. And also I’ll give you access to a training I just created on how to  double revenue over time and that’s all at my focus, My focus, takes you straight to my website. And if you think you might be a fit for coaching, if you’re like, Hey, I want to play the game of life and work better, then you’re very welcome to apply and we’ll get on the phone and see if you’re a fit.

If you’re not a fit, I’ll tell you super politely. And I might have some other ideas for you and I’ll send you in the right direction. And if you are a fit, we’re going to have some fun.

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