E037: David’s Life Journey – Hitting Rock Bottom and Rising From the Ashes

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This excerpt from my Vroom Vroom Veer podcast appearance tells my personal story – from how I got into coaching 25 years ago, to my huge crash and burnout, to my more recent comeback. I’ll even tell you why I left Bali in a hurry.

Listen in for:

  • How I traveled for a whole year – loved it!
  • Questions – How do I live and work in another country? How do I get a transfer?
  • Took a risk – got transferred to New York!
  • Climbed the corporate ladder
  • How unhappy I was in my marriage
  • The judgments I had about people who did self-help, and how those people cracked my cynicism
  • How I got into coaching – by accident!
  • The marriage I helped save
  • The big sacrifice I made to pursue coaching
  • Spent years diving into the coaching world
  • How I built the world’s largest coaching business
  • How I hit rock bottom; my burnout experience
  • The golden handcuffs I had built for myself
  • “What if I had 6 months to live?”
  • What got me to Bali, and the life I built
  • Teaching myself a programming language so I could write the Get Real app
  • Why I got kicked out of Bali – the scary consequences of something I did there
  • What got me back into coaching
  • Who I serve now and why I love it, and more!

You can find out more about Vroom Vroom Veer and listen to the full interview here.

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